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TESTING - Candidate Bulletin Information  (ADDITIONAL RESOURCES)

State of Alabama
Business and Law Examinations Testing Process:

  1. Candidates seeking licensure contact the State for a license application.

  2. Candidates complete license application and submit to the State.

  3. State notifies PSI of the candidates eligible for testing.

  4. PSI notifies the candidates of their eligibility for testing and provides candidates with test registration and scheduling information. Each approved application will be valid for a period of one year from the date PSI receives the eligibility list from the State.

  5. If for any reason you do not receive information by e-mail or regular mail, you may contact psi at 1-800-733-9267 or visit there website at

  6. Candidates register with PSI by paying their test fees. ) Fees can be paid by check, or credit card. Those paying by credit card can register over the telephone or on the Internet.

  7. Registered candidates can schedule for their tests by telephone or by the Internet. PSI offers a touch-tone telephone service that allows candidates to register by phone without operator assistance 24/7. Internet scheduling is also available 24/7.

  8. Candidates that need to change their testing date can do so up to three-days in advance of their scheduled testing session. Candidates that do not show for their testing sessions will forfeit their examination fees.

  9. Candidates take their tests at any of the four existing PSI testing locations found in Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham or Huntsville.

  10. Candidates need to bring in a government issued photo ID in order to verify their identity prior to the testing session.

  11. Candidates will have their picture taken at the exam site and will provide PSI a signature by signing the test center log.

  12. PSI will administer a unique exam to each candidate. Each exam will be equal in length and difficulty but will contain a unique mix of questions each time the test is administered.

  13. Upon completion of the test, score reports will be given to each candidate.

  14. Contractor candidates are allowed an unlimited number of testing attempts each year.

  15. Passing candidates will receive a passing letter.

  16. Passing candidates submit the successful score reports to the State.

  17. The State will mail out licenses to those candidates that have taken and passed the exam and which have had their applications reviewed and approved by the board.

PSI Examination Services, Construction Programs
100 Broadway, Suite 1100
Glendale, CA 91210
(800) 733-9267 (toll free)
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