How to Apply for a License

You can download the application by clicking on the Forms link or you can call us at (334) 272-5030 and we will be glad to mail you an application. No charge for Application.

PRIME CONTRACTOR APPLICATION: - $300.00 fee - Instructions
Application Must be completed in its entirety, please do not send attachments, the required space provided is sufficient. Any individual may complete the application. The reference portion of the application requires the following information: (all to include, name, mailing address, city, state and zip code working phone & fax #, along with a contact person for each of the 4 references.

General Contractor if you are the prime contractor, we will accept another architect/eng. ref. in lieu of
Bank if you use more than 1 bank, a release from each bank is required
Material Supplier

Confidential Financial Statement booklet - Must be filled out by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

The application has to be on file 30 days prior to a Board meeting which are held quarterly. All primes do have to take a Business and Law Exam administered by PSI testing center.

We do have Reciprocity with Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana you have to be licensed for 3 years consecutively with the same classification you are wanting in Alabama, this form is called verification of license, included in the Prime Application and under the form section of our website, please send that to one of those Boards and we will need a current copy of your license in that state. Please only send the states listed.

SUBCONTRACTOR APPLICATION: - $150.00 fee - Instructions
Application Must be completed in its entirety, no attachments necessary. The same person completing the application may also complete the financial portion of the application. Three references from 3 General Contractors and/or Architect/Engineers that you have done work for have to be returned with your application. A subcontractor is allowed to bid the job to the General Contractor but cannot start the job until licensed.

Subcontractor: Smith Masonry
For Whom Work Performed: Jones Construction Co Inc. (prime contractor)
Location: 700 Union Street, Montgomery, AL
Description of Work: Provided the masonry brick for 4,000 sq.ft. office bldg
Contract Amount: $25,000.00