Board Information

The Board licenses and regulates commercial and industrial contractors in all major and specialty classifications that constitute the industry. The Board will license up to 10,000 contractors annually.
A five-member board, appointed by the Governor, directs administrative policy for the agency's operations. This board includes representatives of each major classification of license. Regular quarterly meetings are held in January, April, July and October.

The Board's offices are located in Montgomery, Alabama. The office receives and processes applications for new contractor's licenses, for additional classifications, for changes of license records, and for license renewals. The agency reviews and maintains records of disciplinary actions and provides support services. The office also provides the verified certificates of licensure or on non-licensed status to be used in court or other actions.

The compliance/regulatory section of the agency investigates all consumer complaints concerning general contractors. All disciplinary actions resulting from these investigations are initiated by the board. The board's special investigators also focus on the unlicensed contractor who prospers at the expense of consumers and legitimate businesses.

Board Members

Chip Grizzle Chairman
Marc Dempsey Vice Chairman
Mike Tew Secretary/Treasurer
Keith Andrews Member
Al Stanley Member