Alabama Administrative Code

Rules & Regulations (pdf)

230-X-1-.01 Renewal Procedures
230-X-1-.02 Requirements For Bid Limit
230-X-1-.03 Company Continuing In Business After Death of Sole Proprietor
230-X-1-.04 Change In Form Of Operation
230-X-1-.05 Contractor/Lessee Must Have License
230-X-1-.06 Joint Venture
230-X-1-.07 Owner/Builder
230-X-1-.08 Subsidiary Using Parent's Financial Statement
230-X-1-.09 Amount Of Contract
230-X-1-.10 Construction Manager
230-X-1-.11 Repair/Maintenance
230-X-1-.12 Assembling Machinery (repealed 9-5-06)
230-X-1-.13 Townhouses
230-X-1-.14 Bidding As Licensed
230-X-1-.15 Demolition Work (repealed 7-2-92)
230-X-1-.16 Steel Buildings
230-X-1-.17 Equipment
230-X-1-.18 Debarred Applicants
230-X-1-.19 Filing Financial Statements By Prime Contractors
230-X-1-.20 Application For License By Subsidiary
230-X-1-.21 Bankruptcy
230-X-1-.22 Probation, Debarment, Etc.
230-X-1-.23 Reroofing
230-X-1-.24 Carpet Installation
230-X-1-.25 Preparation Of Financial Statements (1-20-98)
230-X-1-.26 Fifty-One Percent Regulation-Prime Contractors Only
230-X-1-.27 Major Classifications
230-X-1-.28 Classification Of License (repealed)
230-X-1-.29 Reidentification of Contractors
230-X-1-.30 Repealed
230-X-1-.31 Audit/Review/Compilation of Financial Statements Submitted By Prime Contractors
230-X-1-.32 Certificate Of Insurance (repealed 6-2-05)
230-X-1-.33 Applicant's Burden To Supply All Information: Inactive Applications
230-X-1-.34 License And Examination
230-X-1-.35 Testing Requirements
230-X-1-.36 Qualifying Party
230-X-1-.38 Rules To Implement Staggered Renewal For Prime Contractors
230-X-1-.39 Rules To Implement Staggered Renewal For Sub Contractors
230-X-1-.40 Reciprocity For License
230-X-1-.41 Method Of Payment For Fees
230-X-1-.42 Inactive License
230-X-1-.43 Fees For Services
230-X-1-.44 Financial Information in Contractor's File
230-X-1-.45 Military Family Jobs Opportunity Act Applicants
Classification of License